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Ready to reach new students through innovative media?

Growing your enrollment rate and keeping students engaged is hard work. Transform your brand through digital experiences that foster connections like never before.

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A great education is aspirational; are you crafting the vision of transformation?

Students are currently seeking education avenues that change their lives, their happiness, and their own personal mission through transformative opportunities.

Traditional schools, ed-focused brands, and individual consultants need to communicate their ability to provide just that. Is your content merely informational, or is it aspirational? Are you truly utilizing all the digital tools at your disposal?


CourseMarketing is your resourceful team of experts who can help craft strategies that drive real business outcomes, as well as foster connection and community, leaving your students feeling empowered and equipped to apply their knowledge to their personal mission.

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Students aren't just seeking innovative experiences -

they demand them.


Our clients have one thing in common: the urge to share their passion and knowledge.

We help education clients take their content to the next level. By leveraging innovative technology, content marketing solutions, and media relations/PR campaigns, we help education-focused brands passionate about connecting with new prospective students, and engaging existing students, to foster their relationships like never before.

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How can traditional schools adapt curriculum for students demanding hybrid learning?

COVID-19 has forced traditional schools to adapt to virtual and digital environments quickly. However, many students feel that they miss out on the experiences they seek when schools are online only. How can schools utilize modern media methods to both connect with prospective students, and foster community/connection amongst the existing student body?

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Prospective users want more than just accessible tech: they want aspirational results.

Your technology has the power to change the world! However, students in modern times are bombarded with educational options and resources. With limited time, they must choose platforms that promise tangible change, with verified reputation, and if possible, prestige. Can your product compete with traditional educational options, as well as competitors in the edtech space? 

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Put your expertise to work, and reach more prospects, by fostering true connections within your community.

For many professionals, there has never been a better time to launch your own course. Before you find traction, you'll need a few things: media coverage to build your authority, community-building interactions and activites, and a bonafide content strategy that gives people a taste of what's to come.


We sell one thing: direct pathways to new and existing students.

While marketing feels like an overwhelming endeavor at times, don't sweat it! We've got your back every step of the way. From getting verified on Instagram, starting a TikTok to reach new students, launching new courses or initiatives, or relaying with donors and investors, the team at has the expertise you need to get real results and drive growth.

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Our distributed team keeps a core presence in media strongholds, with contributors as-needed for your organization.

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Word from our leadership:

From the encouragement of my parents, to the chagrin of teachers convinced they had failed me, my fascination with the media and its power to transform at the individual, societal, and global level has been a guiding North Star in my career.

Brands paying for media placement and advertising have to be relevant and meaningful, yet authentic and genuine, and to not offend with either the messaging or the placement of the ad, all while embodying the ethos of the cause and ultimately making sales — a tall order for executives and administrators, to say the least.  aspires to be the dominant marketing consulting firm for the education, learning and coaching sector. Starting with the research, and from content to coverage, we help your team create something critical and interesting. In rapidly evolving times like these, who wouldn’t want to be in such an exhilarating line of work? 


Kelly Werner

Founder and Executive Director


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