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Media drives our culture, our movements, and our world.

Education-facing organizations need a strong handle on how to approach complex issues like fake news, limitless digital fray, rogue influencers and commenters, and endless media buying options. Don't sweat it --  we got this.


Fully leverage all your channels - both digital and IRL. 

Today, digital innovation has taken existing media problems and exacerbated them. We have more channels, more voices, and more content to contend with than ever before. Organizations must integrate IRL interactions with virtual, digital experiences -- especially in a post COVID-19 world.

Media sometimes feels like a separate world from the one we physically embody. Driving real world actions through digital world influence is a smart move for all education-facing organizations.


We help individuals and organizations achieve growth through an effective marketing and media strategy. 

CourseMarketing is a consulting firm that specializes in creating memorable marketing and media campaigns for education sector-facing organizations and brands.

We help our clients craft omni-channel media experiences that deliver measurable impact. Our events and content help clients stand out, remain relevant in an ever-changing digital landscape, and grow their customer fanbase.

Our boutique sized team has a core presence in New York, New York, and Austin, Texas with remote distributed experts and contributors throughout the continental United States.


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Founded by passion, lead with integrity, and guided by the expertise of our people.

Kelly Werner is the founder of CourseMarketing, a strategic marketing and media consulting firm. Prior to focusing on the education sector, her work has been utilized in a variety of industries including the United Nations Association and Tao Hospitality Group in Las Vegas.

As an advisor, her work engulfs the four key pillars of media, including earned media, paid media, shared media, and owned media. Our endeavor at CourseMarketing is to craft marketing strategy that can reposition legacy organizations, and introduce startups to wider markets and new investors.

With team presence in New York City, Miami, and remote contributors in media strongholds throughout the continental U.S., CourseMarketing is perfectly positioned to keep a pulse on what's what, who's who, and align your brand to the content that audiences want the most.

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From Online to IRL

Our distributed team keeps a core presence in media strongholds, with contributors as-needed for your organization.

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