Media drives our culture, our movements, and our world.

Brands need a strong handle on how to approach complex issues like fake news, limitless digital fray, rogue influencers and commenters, and endless media buying options. Don't sweat it --  we got this.


Fully leverage all your channels - both digital and IRL. 

Many issues we attribute to being modern media problems are as old as media itself: yellow journalism gets it's moniker from the yellow papers outrageous and inaccurate stories were printed on, and public relations as a modern endeavor can be traced back to Ancient Rome.


Today, digital innovation has taken existing problems and exacerbated them. We have more channels, more voices, and more content to contend with than ever before. Brands need a strategic approach to leverage technology and rise above the noise.

Media sometimes feels like a separate world from the one we physically embody. Driving real world actions through digital world influence is a smart move for all brands.


What tangible business goals can be affected by media?

The goals we set alongside your team largely depend on your business strategy and objectives for the year and quarters. However, we do make recommendations and have general guidelines for success.

Typically we look through the lens of a traditional marketing funnel, with different media mediums accessing audiences at the right place, right time. Other affects including budget, unique audience quirks and insights, and current news cycles envelope our recommendations.


 Critical in a post-COVID era where consumers only trust established brands, brand awareness is the first step to getting a consumer to consider your brand. This can be affected by media impressions through PR coverage, and traffic increase on brand properties like website, social media, search intent, and influencer campaign integrations.

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